‘Viper’ Wire Rope Lubricator gets Upgraded - Viper Mk II

Viper Mk II Kit

  • New hi visibility aluminium collar – 32% lighter and easier to use
  • Cast handles in the collar - allows “one person” operation of Viper MkII
  • Purpose built Viper high volume, high pressure grease pump – all rope sizes with one pump

With the success of the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator, manufacturers Lubrication Engineers Australia announce the much anticipated Viper Mk II Wire Rope Lubricator launch.

Those in the marine, mining and heavy industry are already sold on the benefits of this automated, single pass wire rope lubrication technology which:

  • Simplifies and speeds up the rope lubricating process: eliminates manual greasing
  • Safer for staff, reduced lubricant usage, less leakage and mess
  • Viper kit includes a high pressure/high flow grease pump
  • Provides grease penetration and displaces moisture from the rope core
  • Reduces downtime associated with rope lubrication which improves equipment availability
  • Ropes cleaned and lubricated at speeds of up to 2,000 metres per hour
  • Lubricates all major rope sizes, Viper Mk II lubricates rope from 8mm (5/15”) to 67mm (2-5/8”) while the Viper Maxi MkII will lubricate up to 165mm (6-9/32”)
  • Custom units also available

The Viper MkII Wire Rope Lubricator has many applications including wharf cranes, ship cranes, ROV cables, mine winders, mobile cranes, oil and gas platforms, anchor ropes, deck winches, overhead cranes and ship loaders.

The Viper Mk II kit comes complete within its own robust, aluminium storage box.

Lubrication Engineers recommend the use of Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-0 with the Viper MkII. This grease has excellent penetrating ability, disperses moisture, will not drip or run plus provides extreme pressure protection for sheaves and rope drums. Specifically designed for use with the Viper and for use in marine and mining applications.

To purchase or upgrade, contact the Viper Mk II Sales Manager now.